PG86: Travel Ban, Senate Confirmations, Russia, Is Trump Mellowing?

Mike and Jay lead off with the 9th Circuit’s action on the Trump travel ban, along with their thoughts on whether or not it violates the Constitution. Then it’s on to contentious Senate confirmation votes, with a focus on Betsy DeVoss – the first ever 50-50 confirmation vote tie (broken by VP Mike Pence) – and Elizabeth Warren’s silencing by Senate Republicans during debate on Jeff Sessions confirmation as Attorney General. Next, Mike brings up some potentially *good* news concerning what may be President Trump’s move toward the center on foreign policy, after which Mike and Jay discuss what’s going on with Russia, along with the meaning of ‘fake news’.

3 thoughts on “PG86: Travel Ban, Senate Confirmations, Russia, Is Trump Mellowing?”

  1. Several times you have discussed the CNN reporting on the Russian dossier on Trump, always with the implication that they strayed over a journalistic line. Today you said they reported on it by saying Buzzfeed reported on it as a kind of apophasis. This is not true. CNN reported that Obama and Trump had been briefed about the dossier, which I don’t think anyone can deny is a newsworthy item. Buzzfeed posted the dossier after the CNN report.

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