PG97: 100 Days of Trump, Trump’s Tax Plan

This episode marks a return to our roots, with a focus on deeper analysis of what’s most important, and less coverage of the ephemeral events that so often dominate the weekly news cycle.

Mike and his fellow political scientist Trey – who’s guest-hosting this week for Jay – start with a look at Donald Trump’s first 100 days. They consider how ‘100 days’ became such a big deal, what a president’s first 100 days can tell us about the rest of his term, what it means to be a successful president (and how much of that is in the president’s control), and how likely they think it is that Donald Trump will have a successful presidency.

Next is their discussion of the Trump tax plan. Mike outlines the basics of the plan after which Mike and Trey talk about whether the plan would be good for the United States, what it would do the the national debt, and the political realities of enacting tax reform.

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2 thoughts on “PG97: 100 Days of Trump, Trump’s Tax Plan”

  1. Or you can keep your 4~ topics and expand the show by another 30 minutes. 😀 Yes, to more Trey. More political scientists kind of gives your podcast a more “legitimatecy” when you have political scientists talk about politics. They have to be guys though, based off the name of your podcast. ?

    1. Thanks, Chris! I don’t know if we could swing four deep-analysis stories, but we’ll definitely consider it. (Right now, I’m so burned out from my academic semester that I’m not making *any* big changes.) Glad to know that you enjoyed Trey, who I also thought was great! – Mike

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