Policing Bills, Berman Firing, Flynn Ruling, Immigration Order, COVID Increase

Policing Bills, Berman Firing, Flynn Ruling, Immigration Order, COVID Increase

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Mike & Jay start off by discussing the House and Senate versions of legislation intended to address systemic problems with policing in the United States. They agree that neither side has much reason to compromise in the run-up to the 2020 elections, but they feel that there’s actually a good amount of ground on which a compromise could be possible.

After that, they take up the firing of US Attorney Geoffrey Berman. Mike argues that the whole thing was handled incompetently, and Jay feels that it’s yet another example of the GOP not being all that adept at “inside baseball”.

Then it’s a look at the DC Circuit’s 2-1 ruling ordering that the charges against Michael Flynn be dismissed. Mike argues that this is extreme judicial activism, and Jay doesn’t disagree, though he sees it as less extreme than Mike does. In the end though, Jay believes that the majority make the right call in a tough case, whereas Mike thinks it’s a clearly wrong decision that should be reversed by the DC Circuit as a whole.

Next is President Trump’s immigration order which further restricts entry to various classes of immigrants. The administration argues that this is necessary to protect US workers during the economic crisis stemming from COVID-19, but neither Jay nor Mike buys this argument.

Finally, Mike & Jay discuss the significant increase in coronavirus cases as well as the increase in the percentage of positive tests. They both feel that President Trump could show better leadership on the mask issue, but Jay is generally opposed to mandatory mask orders, feeling that societal pressure to wear masks is likely to be more effective.

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