Bostock, DACA, Bolton

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On today’s show, Trey and Ken discuss Bostock v. Clayton County and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The discussion leads them to discuss the implications of various methods the court uses, or ought to use, in interpreting law.

Trey and Ken also talk DACA and the downfall of the Trump administration’s use of illegality to try to end DACA. The two speculate as to why this was the method used and what it means for Dreamers in the future.

Finally Trey and Ken discuss Bolton’s upcoming book The Room Where it Happened. The pair touch on both the civil litigation from the Justice Department to attempt to stop publication and the content details leaked thus far, including whether Bolton should have been willing to testify during the impeachment investigation or trial.

This Week’s Recommendations
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Ken recommends you watch Inspector Lewis.

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