Political Media Recommendations

In the March 16, 2016 Ask The Politics Guys episode, Mike and Jay passed along their political media recommendations in three categories: websites, books, and movies / documentaries. Below are links to everything they mentioned:

New York Times (Mike’s #1 site)
Wall Street Journal (Jay’s #1 site)
The Guardian (Mike)
The Monkey Cage (Mike)
The Upshot (Mike)
FiveThirtyEight (Mike)
The Atlantic (Mike)
Kevin Drum (Mike)
John Cassidy – Rational Irrationality (Mike)
The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Page (Mike)
Right Turn (Mike)
Tyler Cowen – Marginal Revolution (Mike)
Ross Douthat (Mike and Jay)
The Volokh Conspiracy (Jay)

Mike recommends the Feedly RSS reader, which makes following multiple politics sites way easier than opening a bunch of web pages. (If you’re a Mac / iOS user, Reeder is also really good.)

Navigating the News (Mike, of course)
America’s Failing Experiment (Mike)
Amusing Ourselves to Death (Mike and Jay)
Supercapitalism (Mike)
Winner-Take-All Politics (Mike)
The Righteous Mind (Mike)
How Markets Fail (Mike)
The Quartet (Jay)
Richard Brookheiser’s books (Jay)
Washington: The Indispensable Man (Jay)
Snobbery (Mike and Jay)
Class (Mike and Jay)
Witness (Jay)
Liberal Fascism (Jay)
Coming Apart (Jay)
The Great Debate: Burke & Paine (Mike)
– not mentioned in the podcast, but we wanted to include
   something about the thought of Edmund Burke

Movies & Documentaries
No End in Sight (Mike)
Inside Job (Mike)
Network (Mike and Jay)
Wag The Dog (Mike)
Team America: World Police (Mike)
Being There (Jay)
The Queen (Jay)

6 thoughts on “Political Media Recommendations”

  1. I like the podcast, “My History can Beat up Your Politics” by Bruce Carlson. I’d listen just for the title, but Bruce provides a great nonpartisan historical perspective of current politics.

    1. Good one! I’ve had that podcast on my playlist before, and it’s full of great stuff.

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  3. Thank you for offering such insightful political media recommendations! Your complete listing is a precious aid for all and sundry searching to remain knowledgeable and engaged in the ultra-modern, complicated political landscape. Keep up the extraordinary work.

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