Racketeering, Republican Primary, Marion Newspaper, Tuberville

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This week Trey and Ken are joined by special guest Liz!

The Politics Guys trio start by discussing the most recent charges of racketeering against former president Trump in Georgia. Liz and Ken both see this as a good thing. Further Ken predicts Trump will wind up in jail before the end of the year. Trey thinks Ken is wrong, Trump will not wind up in jail for pragmatic political reasons. He also thinks the publicity of the trial will not fair well for Democrats.

Next the three discuss how the latest Trump charges intersect with the upcoming Republican Presidential primary. Liz thinks that Trump will turn himself in during the debate to keep the focus on him. Ken thinks that process will take longer than normal and believes it will make for bad imaging for Trump.

After that the discussion moves to the local story turned global: the Marion County Record’s raid by local police. All three discuss the implication of the Privacy Protection Act along with the more human side to the story.

The three hosts finish the show with a discussion of Senator Tommy Tuberville’s blocking of military promotions until Congress either takes action over Defense Department policy concerning paying for abortions and travel or the policy is overturned. Trey believes the Senate could and should take up the issue in normal policy, but won’t because both sides believe they win by the inaction. Ken and Liz disagree, arguing the Tuberville’s actions are without precedence.

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