SCOTUS and the ACA, Juneteenth, The Fed & Inflation, Religious Freedom

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Mike and Jay this week as the ACA Supreme Court trilogy reaches its thrilling conclusion. As often is the case, the sequels just aren’t as good and the Court dismisses for lack of standing. Jay and Mike talk about standing severability and a mandate that really looks unconstitutional but is as toothless as that Abominable Snow Monster at the end of Rudolf. Then — Happy Juneteenth! Mike and Jay agree that our new holiday is good one and discuss why.  Next, disco may be dead, but 70s style inflation may be making a comeback. Are the Feds expected rate hikes a drag or just groovy enough for the economy to keep on truckin’?  And finally, its back to the Supreme Court where Justice Alito’s had a busy week. Religious liberty wins 9-0, but is the Court ducking the question on the free exercise clause?

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