SCOTUS Rejects Election Challenge, Vaccine Approval, Facebook Antitrust, COVID Talks

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It’s Jay and Mike this week, as the Supreme Court harpoons the Kracken (which in a weird mixed-metaphor arose from the fairly dry climes of Texas). But Mike is still concerned over the number of apparent Kracken believers. Then the vaccine is approved and is the FDA really a big, old slow turtle? And everyone and their friends are suing Facebook. What will FTC and state antitrust suits mean for social media? And will Congress end up approving another COVID relief package before the end of the year?

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One thought on “SCOTUS Rejects Election Challenge, Vaccine Approval, Facebook Antitrust, COVID Talks”

  1. Hi Jay, I respect – and enjoy – your analysis. I like that you are willing to challenge views. If I may so, I worry that you underestimate the danger posed to democratic norms, and even conservative values, by actions like the Texan Supreme Court proceedings and the GOP representatives supporting it. I hope, of course, that you’re right.

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