Secret Service Text Messages, A Good Guy With A Gun, The Sound of Screaming Has Been Removed, Police Shooting, Members of Congress Arrested

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Trey & Ken kick off the show with a look at the missing secret service text messages. They discuss the ongoing legal ramifications and the likely reasons why they disappeared. They then turn to the other issues which came out of the final Jan 6 Committee hearing.

Next, they turn to all the guns. More specifically they discuss the juxtaposition of the Indiana good guy’s action compared to the Uvalde police. Trey argues this highlights a point he agrees with the left on: the problematic nature of the police in the United States and this explains why weapons, in part, are more prevalent in the U.S. Ken agrees with some of the issues of the police, but disagrees on the need for weapons.

After that they look at two separate instances of police and correction officers shooting African Americans and the aftermath of those cases. This continues the disagreement between the hosts, with Trey saying that this explains the uptick in gun ownership by African Americans.

The pair close the show discussing the seventeen members of Congress who were arrested for protesting the Supreme Court over abortion rights and the possible ways that may effect the midterm election.


Trey: Shots in the Dark

Ken: Can You Forgive Her?

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