Shutdown Politics, Garland Testimony, PA Voter Registration

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After a brief look at the recently announced federal corruption indictment against New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, Mike and May discuss the politics of the looming government shutdown. With less than a week to go before the end of the fiscal year, a shutdown looks almost inevitable. Mike and May discuss the political and policy motivation of the key players and how they think things will play out.

Next, they turn to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent testimony before Congress, where he was asked tough questions about DOJ investigations, naming David Weiss a special counsel, alleged anti-Catholicism at the FBI, and targeting of parents protesting at school board meetings.

They close with a discussion of Governor Josh Shapiro’s announcement that Pennsylvania would be implementing automatic voter registration, making it the 24th state with an automatic registration process. May raises concerns concerning the legality of the move and the registration process itself. Mike agrees that there could be a legitimate legal challenge to Shapiro unilaterally making the change, but he has fewer concerns with the process and argues that it doesn’t benefit Democrats nearly as much as partisans on both sides may think.

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