Special Master, Inflation, Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Graham’s Abortion Ban

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Mike & Jay open the episode with an update of developments in the FBI search of Donald Trump’s home and office, including the special master appointed by Judge Cannon, Cannon’s denial of DOJ’s request to allow them access to certain documents, and how they expect the process to play out.

Next, they take a look at the August inflation report. Mike & Jay agree that the current inflation picture is troubling, but Mike points out that things could potentially look a lot better before too long. They conclude that while the Fed should continue to raise rates, they shouldn’t raise them too high too quickly.

Then it’s a discussion of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flying a bunch of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The guys both see it as a political stunt – along with fellow GOP Governor Greg Abbott’s migrant relocations – but Jay believes it’s making an important point about our broken asylum system. Mike doesn’t dispute the brokenness of our system but argues that the Biden administration has tried to advance immigration legislation, only to have it spurned by Republicans in Congress.

They close the show with a discussion of the 15-week national abortion ban proposed by South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham. Mike thinks it would be a reasonable compromise policy if only it didn’t include a provision allowing stricter state limitations on abortion. Jay isn’t quite sure whether Graham’s proposal is politically brilliant or a dumb move just before the midterms, but in either case, he agrees with Mitch McConnell that this is an issue best left to the states.

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