States Sue Google, Trump Sues Social Media Giants, Biden Order on Competition

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This week, Trey joins Mike in a discussion of the-multi state lawsuit against Google alleging anti-competitive practices in the Google Play Store (as Mike takes more than a few shots at Trey’s beloved Apple). They stick with the lawsuit theme as they move to a discussion of Donald Trump’s bizarro-world 1st Amendment argument underpinning his lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google – an almost certain loser in court, but maybe not as a fund-raising tactic. Finally, they look at President Biden’s expansive order on competition. If you’re interested in a deeper dive on declining American competitiveness, you might want to check out Thomas Philippon’s book The Great Reversal: How America Gave up on Free Markets, and listen to Mike’s interview with Professor Philippon (March 2020).

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