The Filibuster, Executive Privilege, New York Attorney General, Gerrymandering 2022, Biden’s Polling

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This week Trey and Ken host the show. The first story is discussing the filibuster and the Democrats inability to change it for voting rights. Trey gives a brief history of the filibuster. Ken argues it has been weaponized since the 1990s. Trey suggests weaponization depends on the policy outcome desired.

Next, they turn to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the January 6 Committee’s request for documents. Trey talks about the implications of the Supreme Court ruling the earlier court as dicta and Ken talks about how he sees this as evidence against a stacked court.

After that they discuss the New York Attorney General’s newest revelations. They discuss the implications of pleading the 5th in a civil case as opposed to a criminal case and the possibility of not engaging in civil lawsuits.

They move on to talk about what gerrymandering in 2022 might mean for the midterms. Ken sees Ohio as an ideal model and Trey wonders if what Democrats really want is to ditch single member districts.

Up last is a discussion about Biden’s polling, what the polling predicts about the midterm elections, and why and when his numbers hit bottom.

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