Vaccine Mandates, Voting Legislation, Russia Pipeline Sanctions, Presidential Debates, Dr. Fauci vs. Dr. Paul, Jan 6ers Running for Office

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This week Mike, Jay and Trey all host the show. Mike pays tribute to his late mother and this episode is dedicated to her memory.

The first story is vaccine mandates. The trio parse out the questions of legality from policy. All three hosts are in large agreement on legality, but there are some differences in the best policy moving forward.

Next, they turn to Biden’s speech in Georgia and his accompanying failure to pass, or even start, a voting rights bill through the Senate. The hosts debate the underlying strategy and why the White House believed it was possible to pass such a sweeping bill.

After that they discuss the failure of Cruz’s Russian pipeline sanctions. This leads Jay and Mike to agree on a new era of Cold War policy, while Trey has doubts about the success of true real politic style relations.

They move on to talk about the dustup between Dr. Fauci and Senator Paul. Trey finds the rhetoric disturbing while Jay thinks it is warranted.

Up last is a discussion about those who were part of January 6 now running for office. This leads to a protracted conversation between Trey and Jay on Babbitt and the use of force.

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