The Politics Guys & Democracy Works on Trump, Impeachment and the Future of Democracy

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Mike talks with Chris Beem and Michael Berkman from Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy about their Democracy Works podcast and a whole bunch of other things including:

  • the fact that two of our last four, and three of our last nine presidents have gone through impeachment
  • the ‘best case’ outcome from this impeachment process
  • the potential fallout from straight party line impeachment voting
  • if Donald Trump is a unique case or a portent of presidents to come
  • strengthening our political institutions
  • whether we’re optimistic or pessimistic about the future of liberal democracy in the United States
  • and lots more!

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2 thoughts on “The Politics Guys & Democracy Works on Trump, Impeachment and the Future of Democracy”

  1. This episode was the worst I have heard in terms of trying to be bipartisan…it was completely one-sided and biased. A number of episodes have made me question the claim of balance, but this one smashed any credibility to that claim.

    1. That’s a fair critique, and something we’re working on improving. Starting with next week’s interview (my talk with political scientist Jacob Hacker about income insecurity) we’ll be bringing in a conservative co-host for a post-interview critique to bring more balance to things. (We’ll do the same when we have a conservative host interviewing a conservative person / people). Thanks for taking the time to comment. – Mike

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