The Politics of Farm Labor

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Mike’s back with his second food politics episode. This time, he reads his post on the politics of farm labor , getting into who works on America’s farms (mostly immigrants), how willing Americans are to do farm labor (not very, for understandable reasons), why nearly half of all farm labor is done by undocumented immigrants, abuses of immigrant laborers, and the connection between immigrant labor and food prices.

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2 thoughts on “The Politics of Farm Labor”

  1. It was a totally racist and absolutely ignorant comment. It was not about getting people to the US based on merit. In the comment he judged people based on how “troubled” the countries they come from are. He compared these African countries to mostly-white Norway. Why do his statement demand defence and third-person explanation? “He meant this” “I think what he was talking about was that”. Seriously? He is an adult, why don’t we hold him accountable for the stuff he says?

    1. Hi Ulla,

      I’m guessing you’re commenting on our Sunday show episode, which posted the day before this, and not my Politics of Farm Labor post. (When they come close together, it can be easy to get them mixed up when commenting.) As I mentioned on the show, I believe President Trump is a racist, and that he should absolutely be held accountable for his statements and actions, so you and I appear to be in agreement. Jay doesn’t see things quite the same way and while I understand his reasoning, I don’t accept his conclusion. – Mike

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