Things to Like About Trump, Is AOC The Democrats’ Trump?

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Kristin, who voted for Donald Trump, talks about the three main things she likes about the president. The first is that he’s brought the issue of media bias to the forefront. Mike agrees, but thinks that President Trump has done far more damage by constantly lying and by working to delegitimize any media that criticizes him, rather than engaging with the media based on substance.

The second thing Kristin likes about Trump is that’s he’s moved away from several Obama-era foreign policy decisions she sees as misguided; namely the Iran nuclear deal and diplomatically isolating North Korea. Mike believes that the Iran deal was actually the right move, and that given the state of North Korea’s nuclear development almost any president would have ended up talking to them, though he agrees that Trump deserves at least some credit for opening up talks.

Kristin’s final Trump positive is that he’s appointed ‘originalist’ Supreme Court justices, something very important to conservatives. Mike doesn’t believe originalism is anything more than a cover for conservative rulings and doesn’t see much differences between Trump’s judicial appointments and those of any other modern GOP president – aside from Trump having appointed two Justices with expansive views of executive power, which Mike finds understandable and worrying.

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