Title IX Clarification, Michael Flynn & the Russia Investigation, Trillions More for COVID Aid?

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Mike & Jay start off the show with Mike trying to explain that while he’s for the recent Title IX sexual harassment / abuse procedural rules (as is Jay) he has more of an issue with their being a mandate (in theory, at least).

Then, it’s a discussion of the latest developments in the case against Michael Flynn. Mike sees a lot of bad behavior all around, and Jay doesn’t disagree. They both seem to think that the biggest potential problem is an intelligence & law enforcement community that seems to be doing more than just cutting a few corners here and there.

Finally, it’s a look at the House proposal for $3 Trillion in additional coronavirus aid, with nearly $1 Trillion of that set aside for state and local governments. While conservatives – including Jay – balk that that, especially in light of the enormous sum that’s already been spend, there seems to be some ground for compromise.

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3 thoughts on “Title IX Clarification, Michael Flynn & the Russia Investigation, Trillions More for COVID Aid?”

  1. Blue states shouldn’t get bailed out cause they over spend? How about Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi not get more federal money than they provide? Which contributes more money to the federal government red or blue states?

  2. Does FedEx and UPS deliver to rural America? Do you realize the last mile cost? What’s the cost in other foreign countries to mail a letter? How much you think air fair will cost when their bellies aren’t full of mail?

    1. Mail costs in most other rich countries are generally considerably higher than they are in the US, despite most of those countries being more geographically compact. My general point is that it’s entirely unreasonable to expect the USPS to exist in its current condition. I can see the logic of either providing it with reasonable public funding, or of allowing it to operate like a business (albeit one with a mandate to deliver to every address). It’s this in-between model that’s clearly not working. – Mike

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