To Impeach or Not to Impeach, that is the Question, IRS deadlines, the Aftermath of the Mueller Report, Joe Biden in 2020

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Trey & Ken start the show with a big question facing the House Democrats and the Democratic primary field: to impeach or not to impeach? Ken suggests that impeachment should begin and ongoing house committees ought to transition to that role. Trey thinks impeachment is, effectively, a dead portion of the Constitution and has no hope of contemporary use.

The conversation leads the hosts to talking about the political strategies that President Trump has employed in the aftermath of the Mueller report, specifically stonewalling Congress. This leads Trey and Ken to discuss the wider relationship between the President and Congress. Trey, using prominent political science research, suggests that Presidential power has long grown and that Congress has no desire to truly check the Presidency, even if a particular Congress may give lip service to checking a particular President. Ken believes that Congress has maintained powerful oversight and can use that power over Trump.

Next Trey and Ken turn to recently missed IRS deadline. The Treasury Secretary continues to push back the date of releasing Trump’s tax returns and both hosts agree that the Trump administration is hoping to run out the clock.

Finally, Trey and Ken talk Joe Biden entering the 2020 primary contest and the larger implications this has on the 2020 field. Ken thinks Biden will have a harder time explaining his long record to a more progressive Democratic Party. Trey thinks Biden’s centrism offers the possibility of a real challenge to Trump.

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