Trump vs Omar, Holding Media Accountable, Capitalism & Regulation, Trump’s Second Term

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In this episode, Kristin & Mike respond to listener questions on the feud between President Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar, how we can hold media accountable, Kristin’s view on the proper role of regulation in a capitalist economy, and what they think a second term for Donald Trump might look like.

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2 thoughts on “Trump vs Omar, Holding Media Accountable, Capitalism & Regulation, Trump’s Second Term”

  1. I listened with interest as always. I was surprised when Kristin said that she would vote for Trump again (this is her absolute right of course), I wonder if Kristin could let me know on what measure she sees Trump as a successful president and worth voting for again. I have a particularly dim view of most politicians but Trump seems to me to be an abject failure. You have a written constitution, even if Trump is attempting to drive a horse and coaches through it at the moment. So I struggle to understand how Kristin believes that a second term for Trump is a good thing for American and the rest of the world?

    1. Great question – I’ll be sure to put it in our queue so that Kristin can answer it for you and everyone else who might want to know when we do our next listener mail show. (I’m curious to hear what she says too!) – Mike

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