Trump 2024, Gay Resigns, More Menendez Charges, Border Dispute

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Mike and Jay open with a look at the Supreme Court’s decision to rule on whether or not Donald Trump can appeal on the presidential ballot in Colorado. They both predict that the Court will rule for Trump, with Mike thinking that there’s a greater chance of a near-unanimous decision than Jay foresees.

Next is a discussion of President Biden’s unofficial 2024 reelection campaign speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. They agree with Biden’s factual accounting of Donald Trump’s actions (and inactions), but Jay argues that Biden’s choice of words was inflammatory and disingenuous. Mike responds that there’s good reason to fear serious consequences for America if Trump wins in 2024.

Then they turn to the resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay and how racial animus played into it, followed by more charges being leveled against Senator Robert Menendez, and ending with a discussion of whether or not the Border Patrol should be allowed to remove razor-wire put in place by the state of Texas to deter migrant crossings.

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