Trump Indictment, Biden Plea Deal, Record Heat

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Mike & Jay open the episode with a discussion of the new charges and additional defendant in the federal indictment related to Donald Trump’s retention of classified documents and alleged attempts to obstruct the documents investigation. Mike doesn’t think this will have much of an effect on Trump’s strong likelihood of winning the Republican presidential nomination. Jay, who is less certain of Trump being the eventual nominee, largely agrees on its minimal impact on GOP primary voters, but believes it could hurt Trump in the general election.

Next, they move on to the Hunter Biden plea agreement, agreeing that the judge was right to not accept it. Mike contends that far from being a sweetheart deal, Biden may have been treated more harshly because his father is President. Jay somewhat agrees in relation to the gun charge but has more of an issue with Biden’s failure to pay taxes.

They close with a discussion of record-setting heat and the Biden administration’s attempts to minimize its impact. While Jay doesn’t have big problems with any of the recently announced efforts, he’s more skeptical of some of the claims of climate scientists than Mike is, and has more faith in the ability of markets and technology to deal with the impact of climate change than Mike has.

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