Trump Investigations, DeSantis, Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin, TikTok, French Riots

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Trey & Ken open discussing the major investigations into Trump, focusing on NY’s grand jury and recent developments in the crime and fraud exception for Trump lawyer Corcoran. Relatedly they discuss Ron DeSantis’ commentary on Trump. This leads to a discussion of the Republican primary.

Next is a conversation about Xi Jinping and his visit to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Here Trey & Ken discuss the evolution of U.S. foreign policy in relation to China and how the hostility there has seemingly brought Russia and China closer.

Then the focus turns to the TikTok hearings with CEO Shou Chew. This leads to more conversation about the emergent bipartisan support for a version of isolationism.

The pair end the show with a brief conversation on the ongoing pension crisis in France.

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