Trump Special Master, Rail Strike, Student Loan Forgiveness, Sedition Convictions

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Mike & Jay open the show by talking about the 11th Circuit reversing District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s order for a special master in the Trump document seizure case. Mike sees it as a clear rebuke of Cannon’s ruling while Jay thinks it’s not quite that and believes that despite the ruling there’s some justification for what Judge Cannon did.

Next they discuss legislation imposing an agreement between freight rail workers and railroads. Jay is no fan of government imposed labor agreements but he feels that in this case it was both justified and reasonable. Mike makes the point that the railroad industry is very profitable and that they should be doing more to take care of their workers.

After that it’s the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will hear arguments in the case of the six states opposing the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness order. Mike and Jay agree that the Court is likely to find that Biden doesn’t have the authority to do what he did.

They close with a look at the sedition conviction of two Oath Keepers leaders and consideration of how the Capitol Breach investigation has progressed nearly two years later.

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