Trump v Roberts, House Democrats Face Winning and Pelosi, In Defense of Saudi Arabi, the Whitaker Appointment

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This week Trey is once again joined by Alexandra Filindra. They tackle one of the biggest questions of the week to open the show: President Trump’s showdown with Chief Justice John Roberts. Both Alexandra and Trey see similarities to to President Andrew Jackson in the exchange. Trey thinks that, while done improperly, there is uncomfortable truth to Trump labeling justices and commendable myth to Roberts’ statement. Alexandra argues that Trump is not ideological, but personal, in his labeling of justices which makes him unique.

Turning again to the Democratic majority in the house Alexandra and Trey again look at the issue as more Democrats as of Friday continue to come out against Pelosi. Alexandra posits the issue in terms of gender and while Trey agrees he wonders what the pragmatic outcome will be.

Next Trey and Alexandra turn to Trump’s unusual statement in defense of Saudi Arabi. Both worry about the signal this sends to other regimes. Trey though sees this in a larger context as previous presidents, although less blatantly, have been willing to overlook the Saudis. Alexandra worries that there is less nuance in the defense.

Finally Trey and Alexandra discuss the Whitaker appointment, whether it is constitutional, and whether it will last.

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