Mike the Obnoxious Centrist, E-Cigarettes, Jay and the Facts, Why Liberalism Failed

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In this listener comment show, Mike and Jay discuss:

  • if Mike is too obnoxious
  • how bipartisan the show really is
  • progressive voices on The Politics Guys
  • what Mike got wrong about e-cigarettes
  • our commitment to truth over party
  • individuality and liberal democracy

What Mike’s Reading
Why Liberalism Failed. Patrick Deneen

What Jay’s Reading
The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent. Lionel Trilling

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4 thoughts on “Mike the Obnoxious Centrist, E-Cigarettes, Jay and the Facts, Why Liberalism Failed”

  1. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/election/article221484265.html

    Is this November 10th “MIAMI Herald” article the one Jay continues to cite as his source and justification for stating repeatedly and erroneously that “ballots were found in an airport rental car?” Be careful , Jay may be slandering the author if he continues to purposefuly mischaracterize his work.

    You will note the article is TITLED “No, those ballot boxes found in Broward don’t contain votes, officials say.“ and was published a full 7 DAYS before Jay went on to cite it or another article to push his right wing agenda.

    Please issue a retraction, or cite the mysterious article published right before you went to air from the same newspaper that apparently said the complete opposite.

    Like I said , Jay is Right wing , disengenious , or both.

    I’m sure he is a great guy to grab a beer with, but it is a full time job keeping up with his squirrelly relationship with facts , and refusal to google his own punditry.

    Otherwise love the show ,
    Warmest regards

    1. Will and I are doing the show this weekend, but Jay will be back on with me for the 12/8 and 12/12 show – I’ll be sure to get him that link ahead of time and we’ll make a point of discussing your comment during our Wednesday episode. Thanks for taking the time to pull up the link and put together that comment.

  2. Some of the questionable statements from Jay in the Nov 17 podcast can be heard at
    to support his argument for ending the Broward recount ASAP:
    {Jay} “There are some things that have HAPPENED in Florida that are particularly bizarre, and/or egregious. I mean we are FINDING BOXES OF PROVISIONAL BALLOTS IN RENTAL CARS AT THE AIRPORT.”

    Again at 15:18:
    {Jay} “To me, when you see that sort of thing and then there is the {Broward Election officials) “Well, we need more time” – {Jay}“That’s the problem, because the more time is -well maybe you FIND ANOTHER BOX ,in the BACK of a CAR in an AIRPORT”

    Again at 16:42 {Jay} “So if Barbara Snipes and her operation in Broward County were better funded you wouldn’t have BALLOTS SHOWING UP IN RENTAL CARS AT THE AIRPORT”

    Jay then laughs at Mike for not responding to his iron clad argument for shutting down the Broward recount, based chiefly on this untrue story which Jay continues to claim was written in the Miami Herald, rather than Breitbart et al( where we all know Jay read this nonsense).

    One thing Jay did get right at 21:50:

    {Jay}“I think there is damage to the system done when you cry wolf (of voter fraud) when there is no evidence to support it…but I am sticking to my guns on Broward County”

    Since this statement ZERO evidence of voter fraud was found in the Broward election.

    So Jay, you cried wolf, you did damage to democracy by your own measure , please have the moral courage to admit it.

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