George H.W. Bush, Cohen Plea, Mississippi Senate Runoff, GM Layoffs, Tear Gassing Children

On this week’s show, Will and Mike begin by speaking about the legacy of President George H. W. Bush and their memories of his career. The first story discussed from the week is the guilty plea entered by Michael Cohen in federal court. Will and Mike use the plea to discuss the status of the Mueller investigation and the impact Cohen’s plea could have on Trump. Both agree that impeachment is likely off the table as neither expect a smoking gun to emerge. But they disagree on how helpful the investigation may be to the Democrats in 2020.

Next, they discuss the results of the Mississippi Senate run-off election on Tuesday. Neither were surprised by the results. Will explained that the results suggest there are areas of the country where even moderate Democrats are going to struggle due to demographics and history. Mike points out how elections like this help Republicans in the Senate—especially considering recent judicial confirmation challenges.

The next topic is the decision by General Motors to idle five plants in North America. Will—who grew up near GM Lordstown—discussed the impact of the closure on local communities and the potential reasons for GM’s decision while Mike reminds listeners of Trump’s promises regarding no plant closures under his administration. Both agree the response by politicians to GM will be worth monitoring. They close with a discussion of the role and impact of unions on the closures.

Lastly, Will and Mike talk about the situation on the San Diego-Tijuana border last weekend. While neither directly challenge the use of tear gas, they differ on how to best handle asylum processing and the expectation on Mexico to house refugees while they await a response from the United States.

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2 thoughts on “George H.W. Bush, Cohen Plea, Mississippi Senate Runoff, GM Layoffs, Tear Gassing Children”

  1. Please let Jay know he was on the right track: voter fraud was finally found in the 2018 midterms!

    However it was discovered in NC not FL, and done by Republicans not Democrats.

    I’m sure he will be just as passionate in denouncing this true case of Voter Fraud , as he was in denouncing the phony case in Broward 😉

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