Trump vs The Fed, Compulsory Voting, Underreported Bipartisanship, Hidden Tribes

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Will and Mike open the show with an analysis of President Trump’s criticism of Fed Chair Jerome Powell. As part of the discussion, they walk through the role of the Fed and the differences between fiscal and monetary policy. They agree that Trump’s politicization of the Fed is potentially problematic for both the short and long-term.

Next is listener mail, where Will and Mike answer questions regarding compulsory voting and the media’s lack of focus on bipartisanship in American politics.

Lastly, Mike talks about an extended profile of Nancy Pelosi he says is worth checking out as well as a ‘Hidden Tribes ideology quiz‘ that he and Will recently took. Will says that lately he’s been reading a lot about college football coach firings and the impact of diminished state funding for higher education on coach firing decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Trump vs The Fed, Compulsory Voting, Underreported Bipartisanship, Hidden Tribes”

  1. Looks like voting fraud is real.

    It’s not real in any of the ways that Jay has described over the years (no minorities used a fake ID and no phantom boxes of ballots needed to be imagined into rental cars, or whatever that still-unretracted conspiracy theory he was floating was), but it apparently does happen.

    Given his repeated horror about violating the sanctity of the electoral process, I look forward to Jay giving this story the outraged attention that it deserves.

    I’m sure that he will.


    1. We’ll definitely talk about it, and I’m betting Jay will be bothered by this and support reasonable measures to make it less likely. I guess we’ll both find out if I’m right this weekend. ? -Mike

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