Trump’s Civil Judgment, Navalny’s Death, Trump’s NATO Remarks, Biden and Netanyahu

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In this packed episode, Trey and Ken start by discussing the breaking news of Donald Trump’s civil judgment of $354.9 million in a New York court. Ken believes it will be difficult for the case to be overturned on appeal due to the need for a bond and because of the nature of the defense.

Following that they move to the next breaking story: the death of Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison. Trey and Ken both agree there is no good response because in large part the normal responses are already engaged. Ken hopes this might push Republicans toward supporting a Ukraine aid package.

Next, the pair turn to Trump’s NATO remarks over the weekend. Trey argues that the comments are terrible, in part because they burn down reasonable arguments over NATO. Ken argues that even if the U.S. had to foot the bill entirely it would be in its best interests to do so.

After that, they turn to a constellation of issues regarding Israel, including the relationship between Biden and Netanyahu. Trey sees the increasingly hostile relationship as a combination of factors, including Israel’s move to eliminate Hamas in its entirety and domestic pressure on Biden’s left. Ken somewhat optimistically believes that Biden can help broker a more lasting peace while looking forward to a two-state solution.

They close with a look at the flipped Santos seat for the Democrats and what that means for Speaker Johnson and the Senate funding bills for Ukraine and Israel.

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