Biden’s Cognitive State, Trump Insurrection and Immunity Cases

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Mike and Jay open with a discussion of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Biden’s handling of classified documents. Mike argues that Hur should have been more neutral in his wording, while Jay doesn’t see any significant problems with how Hur presented his findings. They also consider the broader issues of memory, verbal gaffes, and cognitive fitness.

Following that, they consider the oral arguments before the Supreme Court concerning Donald Trump’s eligibility to run for president. They expect either a unanimous or 8-1 decision allowing Trump to run and discuss the multiple reasons why this is the right call.

They close with a look at the D.C. Circuit’s ruling that Donald Trump isn’t immune from prosecution for any actions he took as President. Mike characterizes the argument by Trump as a long-shot aimed at delaying a potential guilty verdict until after the 2024 election. Jay doesn’t disagree and predicts the Supreme Court will hear an inevitable appeal from Trump. Mike hopes the high court doesn’t hear the case at all, letting the D.C. Circuit’s decision stand, and allowing Trump’s trial to move forward as expeditiously as possible.

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