Mayorkas Impeachment, Social Media, Alabama Execution, Biden’s Judges

Mayorkas Impeachment, Social Media, Alabama Execution, Biden’s Judges

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Mike and Ken open the episode with a discussion of the move by House Republicans to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. They examine the articles of impeachment and agree that they’re not very convincing, and consider how the Senate might proceed if the House votes to impeach Mayorkas.

Next, they turn to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings on online harm to children. While there’s a bipartisan consensus that more should be done to keep kids safe online, Ken points out the problems with simply eliminating legal protections for social media companies. Mike contends that much of the harm done to kids online is unlikely to be addressable through legislation.

After that is a discussion of capital punishment in the wake of Alabama’s first-in-the-nation use of the nitrogen hypoxia execution method, followed by a discussion of whether it’s time for the Senate to speed up judicial confirmations by ending the “Blue Slip” home-state Senator veto for district court judge nominations.

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