Navarro Sentencing, Secret Courts, The Republican Party

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This week’s special bonus show is our right-wing hosts: Trey and Jay!

They start the show with a few items from last week: Peter Navarro’s Sentencing and the new secret data courts formed by executive order. Jay is pretty firm that Navarro is a political prosecution. Where Trey and Jay do agree is that Trump will have a hard time continuing to find real staff as he steps back from those who supported him when it becomes convenient.

Next, they discuss the new court designed to allow Europeans to protect their privacy in the United States. But the court’s docket is unknown, if they take cases are unknown, and even the process for EU citizens is not clear. This leads Trey to question what the real intention of this court is and to a conversation about the importance of data privacy.

Finally, Trey and Jay give their take on the past, present and future of the Republican Party. They have large agreement on its origins and transformation. But where Trey despairs that the party is not only no longer what it once was, nor a place he finds a home, Jay believes that after short-term pain there is a future for conservatives.

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