New Hampshire, Abbott’s Order, Immigration Bill

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Trey and Jay open a special right-wing look at the week’s politics! Next week the left takes over with Mike and Ken.

Trey and Jay open the episode diving deeply into New Hampshire’s Republican primary. This includes a look at the voter turnout, demographic shifts, delegate count, and what the exit of DeSantis means for the race. Trey is hopeful of a Haley victory and sees her easily defeating Biden on the most recent polling data. Jay is like sure and more sure that the race is effectively over. They also discuss the influence the civil ruling against Trump in the amount of $83.3 million

Next, they discuss Texas Governor Abbott’s recent order declaring an invasion and therefore the “right” of Texas to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal law. Jay and Trey agree that there is no historical nor constitutional basis to the order, but Jay argues the use of the term invasion is a good one in a cultural context. Trey deeply disagrees and the two have a deep debate over the merits of different immigration policies. Trey believes in the easier free movement of people without much benefit to deep border policies, Jay sees the need for tougher regulation to crack down on fentanyl and crime.

They close the show with an update on the possibility of an immigration bill paired with Ukraine / Israel funding. Jay believes it is likely and that House Republicans will take a win if they can get it. Trey believes McConnell that Republicans don’t want a win until Trump is in office and that some House Republicans are no votes without question.

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