Iowa Caucuses, Budget Deal, US and Houthis, Immigration and Ukraine

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Mike and May open the episode with a look at Donald Trump’s decisive victory in Iowa and what may lie ahead for Trump, Nikki Haley, and Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire. Mike seems to be holding out some hope that Haley can mount a long-shot challenge to Trump, but May believes the race is all but over at this point.

Next, they welcome political scientist Kimberly Weir for a discussion of the US response to Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. Kimberly discusses the factors influencing the Houthi’s actions, May evaluates the US response, and Mike offers his thoughts on the military difficulties facing the US in responding to Houthi attacks.

Following that, Mike and May turn to the continuing resolution the averted a government shutdown. Mike believes that Speaker Mike Johnson bowed to the political and numerical realities of the situation in passing the CR despite the opposition of nearly half of his caucus.

They close by evaluating the chances for legislation on immigration and Ukraine aid in 2024, which neither of them believes to be too likely.

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