Black Grief, White Grievance, and the Politics of Loss

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Mike talks with Juliet Hooker, the Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence in Political Science at Brown University. Professor Hooker is a political theorist specializing in racial justice and has authored multiple books, the latest of which is Black Grief/White Grievance: The Politics of Loss, which is the topic of their discussion.

Topics Mike and Juliet Cover Include:
– the meaning of Black grief and white grievance
– justified and unjustified political loss
– why the context of a loss is important
– differing responses to political loss
– the baseline entitlement assumptions of whites in America
– the politics of refusal
– racism and the narrowing of the political imagination
– the ‘dominant official romantic narrative’ of the civil rights movement
– repairing vs salvaging American democracy
– reasons for optimism

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