Trump’s Immunity, Presidential Race, Government Funding

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Mike, Jay, and University of Northern Iowa political scientist Justin Holmes open the episode with a discussion of the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Donald Trump’s ex-presidential immunity case. While they all agree it’s an important issue that needs to be ruled on by the Court, Mike and Justin are more concerned about the Court’s schedule than Jay is.

Next, they consider the results of the Michigan primary elections and what they might suggest about the near-inevitable Biden-Trump rematch. Mike argues that the seemingly large number of ‘uncommitted’ Democratic votes isn’t as big of a deal as many have made it out to be. Justin makes the case that the results point to issues for both Biden and Trump. Jay thinks most Democratic and Republican voters will ‘come home’ in the end.

They close with an examination of the recent short-term continuing resolutions to avert a government shutdown. Jay once again makes the point that Republicans almost always suffer politically when they shut down the government. Justin says government funding by continuing resolution is both common these days and not at all desirable, while Mike wonders about what this all says about Speaker Mike Johnson and his promise to return to a ‘normal’ budget process.

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