Ukraine War, Student Debt Forgiveness, Alabama IVF Ruling, Diversity Admissions

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Mike and May open with a discussion of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the latest US sanctions as the war reaches the two-year mark. May is unclear as to the US’s goals and argues that this is reflected in declining public support for Ukraine. Mike believes the lack of support breaks down more along partisan lines, with Democrats more supportive than Republicans, and that the US goal is clear – to prevent Russia from overrunning Ukraine and to send a strong message to our allies and adversaries around the world.

Next is a look at the Biden administration’s latest student loan debt forgiveness. Neither Mike nor May feel this is the best policy, but Mike sees it as one of the few economic relief levers the administration can pull without getting buy-in from congressional Republicans. They also consider student loan debt forgiveness in light of more fundamental problems with higher education costs.

Following that they get into the ruling by Alabama’s supreme court that a wrongful death suit can go forward against a person accused of destroying frozen embryos at an IVF facility. They agree that the court made the right call based on Alabama’s constitution and the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor statute, and debate the larger implications of this ruling as well as what legislative action they expect to see in response.

They close by considering why the US Supreme Court declined to take up an appeal to an equal protection challenge to a Virginia high school’s admissions program, as well as how schools across the country can factor diversity into their admission decisions without having their programs invalidated by courts.

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