Trump’s Unconstitutional Twitter Feed, The Supremes & Arbitration, House GOP Mini-Rebellion, Is Mike Too Moderate?

Mike and Jay kick off the show by discussing a federal court ruling that President Trump was violating the 1st Amendment by blocking some critics from his Twitter feed. Neither of the Guys is exactly comfortable with the courts telling people how to run their social media lives, but they agree that because President Trump is using Twitter as an essentially official presidential communication tool, different rules might apply.

Then it’s a look at the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling permitting companies to require employees to settle disputed through individual arbitration instead of banding together. Jay says it was the right call and a good policy, and while Mike agrees that the conservative majority made the right interpretation of the law, he absolutely hates the policy outcome and wishes Congress would act to make things less unfair to workers.

After that, the Guys discuss the move by around 20 moderate House Republicans to force a series of votes on immigration, in the hope of giving permanent status to Dreamers. They’ve been opposed by the House GOP leadership, which doesn’t want to risk a politically dangerous vote before the November elections, as well as the House Freedom Caucus, which wants nothing to do with even an indirect path to citizenship for Dreamers.

Finally, Mike responds to a listener who says he’s too easy on Republicans like Paul Ryan who support policies that will hurt and potentially even kill Americans.

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