PG151: North Korea, Dodd-Frank Rollback, ‘Right to Try’ Act, Fixing the VA, Spygate & Mueller

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This week, Mike and Jay start off with a look at the North Korea summit, which President Trump canceled, but later suggested might be back on after all. The Guys discuss why the president canceled, what his plan is, and whether we’re moving in the right direction.

Then it’s a domestic policy bonanza. First is a look at a rollback of the Dodd-Frank law passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Mike and Jay agree that smaller banks needed some regulatory relief, but Mike argues that the rollback does much more than that, and its loosened restrictions on larger banks put us in danger of another financial crisis. This is followed by discussion of the ‘Right to Try’ Act, which allows terminally ill patients to try largely unproven treatments, and a major VA bill that will give veterans more options for private care. Mike argues it goes too far down the road to privatization. Jay doesn’t disagree, but he supports further privatization.

Finally, Mike and Jay discuss the latest developments in the Robert Mueller investigation, particularly the ‘Spygate’ claims coming from President Trump and some of his supporters.

What Mike’s Reading
The Hedges of the Garden of Liberty.

Why does Trump get away with corruption? Because Bill and Hillary Clinton normalized it.

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