Truss Resignation, Russian and Iran, Senate Debates, Midterm Predictions, Lindsey Graham, Loan Forgiveness

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Trey & Ken start the episode with Liz Truss and her 44 days as Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. They consider not only what led to this moment, but also what the probability is for her successor. This includes the possibility of Boris Johnson returning.

Next, they discuss both Putin’s use of martial law, his implementation of strikes on civilian targets in Ukraine, and the involvement of Iran. Ken believes Iranian behavior is solely due to the miscalculation of former President Trump, Trey believes it is more likely related to the inherent biases of authoritarianism.

After that the pair discuss the numerous Senate debates over the weekend, but focus a lot of time on Ohio, Georgia and Nevada. They also include a discussion of their predictions for the midterms as we move closer to November.

They close the show with quickly looking at two court rulings: the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal denying Lindsey Graham’s immunity claims and Justice Barrett’s denial of an emergency injunction on the Biden administrations Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

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