Russia, Biden on Crypto, Bipartisanship Breaks Out, LGBTQ+ Laws

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Mike & Jay open with a look at the flurry of activity surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – the death toll and human cost, Russia’s cratering economy, energy policy ramifications, and much more. They also take a look at President Biden’s new Executive Order on cryptocurrencies, which some believe Russia may be using to at least partially evade sanctions.

After that it’s two verified sightings of bipartisanship in Congress: the Fiscal Year 2022 budget and the even more bipartisan Postal Service Reform legislation. Mike & Jay join in the love-fest, though they don’t completely agree on everything in these two bills.

Next they discuss two laws that have been seen by many as anti-LGBTQ+. The first is Texas’ decision to classify sex reassignment procedures for minors as child abuse, with the second being Florida’s so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Their discussion gets into, among other things,  parental rights, school board vs state control, the significant rise in no-traditional gender identity, and even a  risqué report that high school junior Jay did on this 1973 John Updike short story.  

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