Andrew Rice on The Year That Broke America

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Mike talks with Andrew Rice, a contributing editor at New York magazine, former staff writer at The Hill, and the author of the recently published book The Year That Broke America: An Immigration Crisis, a Terrorist Conspiracy, the Summer of Survivor, a Ridiculous Fake Billionaire, a Fight for Florida, and the 537 Votes That Changed Everything, which is the topic of their discussion.

Things Mike & Andrew get into include:

– Why 2000 was the year that broke America
– Donald Trump’s first (failed) presidential run
– the story of Elián González and how it divided America
– how John McCain broke Mike’s (and the media’s) heart
– terrorist preparations for 9/11
– Al Gore & Chaos Theory
– the insanely close, and incredibly chaotic 2000 presidential election
– what looking back at 2000 can tell us about American politics today

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