Russian Invasion, Trump Criminal Violations, Biden’s State of the Union Address, White House COVID Strategy, Texas Primary, Egbert v Boule, U.S. v Abu Zubaydah

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This week Trey and Ken host the show and start by bringing updates on Russia and Ken’s perspective to the ongoing crisis. Specifically the pair discuss the recent attack on a nuclear power plant and the Congressional resolution condemning Russia.

Next the pair talk about client, attorney privilege as it may or may not apply to John Eastman, which apparently opens Trump to the possibility of criminal investigation.

After that it is a discussion of Biden’s State of the Union and how State of the Union addresses might be reimagined to better help the populace and president communicate.

Then Trey and Ken discuss the new White House COVID strategy. They move south to talk about he Texas primary and the ongoing difficulties Democrats had. Trey again argues it might be time for Democrats to not think that demographics necessarily run in their favor. The pair close the show looking at the cases of Egbert v Boule and the U.S. v Abu Zubaydah.

Trey’s Recommendation Severance

Ken’s Recommendations The Case of Richard Sorge

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