Abortion Pill Rulings, Net Neutrality, Trump Indictment

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Mike, Jay, and Ryan open the show with a discussion of the dueling district court rulings on the FDA-approved abortion pill mifepristone, with a federal judge in Texas ordering a nationwide injunction against the drug and a federal judge in Washington State ruling the opposite way the same day. Because the story broke just before the show was recorded, the guys didn’t get into the specifics of the rulings, focusing their discussion on forum shopping and nationwide injunctions.

Following that, Ryan clarified his remarks from last week on net neutrality, which led to a discussion of the pros and cons of the Obama-era FCC policy that was revoked in Donald Trump’s FCC.

Then they turn to the 34 count indictment against Donald Trump, agreeing that legally it’s awfully thin. While it may make it harder to successfully prosecute Donald Trump in the future (Mike is less sure of this than Jay and Ryan are), it may help Bragg’s career and give Trump a boost in the GOP primary – which could be exactly what Joe Biden wants.

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