Justice Thomas, Mifepristone, Leaked Documents, Tennessee House, Trump’s Appeal

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The 400th Episode of The Politics Guys!

Trey & Ken start the show with a long investigation into Justice Thomas’ undisclosed gifts from Harlan Crow. Trey, who was initially skeptical of the claims of impropriety, finds there is good reason to find issue. Ken agrees but goes further in his arguments for curruption.

Next they turn to the recent rulings on Mifepristone by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal. The focus is primarily on what, if anything, the FDA can or should do in response to the rulings. Ken sees no functional difference between deference and ignoring the ruling. Trey sees a key difference in that one is a constitutionally consistent principle and the other is not.

After that is a long conversation on the papers potentially leaked. Ken floats a novel idea: that the leak is a bit of counter espionage. Trey probes the idea to see if it holds up and works out what would have to continue to be found empirically for the thesis to be true.

Then the pair turn to the expulsion of two African American Tennessee House members. The conversation between both focuses on the rightful, if any, action the legislature should have taken given that the rules were violated by three members of that body.

Trey & Ken end the show discussing Trump’s latest legal appeals.

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One thought on “Justice Thomas, Mifepristone, Leaked Documents, Tennessee House, Trump’s Appeal”

  1. Dear Politics Guys,

    Your podcasts are very enjoyable and roundly informative, making you the prefect setting for me (a Centrist) to provide relevant content.

    I am about to publish The Last Lonely Traveler – From the Extremes.

    Major points in Traveler are that the left argues while avoiding inconvenient truths, and the right feels threatened to the point of fabricating their reality.

    I have been a scientist and lawyer (; ), so I must find Truth through analysis of all available verifiable facts.

    Enough of your time. I would have a ball as a guest on your show. See my quirky life and centrist admonitions at http://www.biopatent.com .

    Best regards,


    Gary Baker, Esq., M.T.

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