Fox Settles, Should Feinstein Resign, SCOTUS & Religious Protection

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Ryan & Mike kick off the show with a discussion of Fox’s $787 million settlement with Dominion over claims that the news network defamed the voting machine company. They get into why Fox felt compelled to settle, what this may mean for other defamation lawsuits, and if it will have a chilling effect on defamatory speech by the news media.

Next they consider whether 89 year old California Senator Diane Feinstein should resign her seat after being away since February recovering from shingles and for several years showing clear signs of cognitive impairment. This leads into a discussion of Feinstein’s important role on the Senate Judiciary Committee and President Biden’s judicial appointments.

They end by looking at Groff v. DeJoy, a case in which an evangelical Christian former USPS employee is arguing that the Postal Service discriminated against him because of his religion. Based on past precedent and oral argument before the Supreme Court this week, Mike expects the Court to rule for the Postal Service but to do so in such a way that may expand religious protection. Ryan wonders what sort of effect the ruling will have on protection for other religious practitioners and if media reports fearing the worst are overstated.

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