SCOTUS Mifepristone Ruling, House Debt Ceiling Bill, Disney Sues DeSantis

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Mike & Jay open the episode with a discussion of whether the Supreme Court was right to issue a stay in the mifepristone case, a decisions that allows women to continue to have access to the abortion drug as the matter winds its way through the appeals process. Mike & Jay both agree that a stay was the right call, though Jay argues that Justice Alito makes some valid points in his dissent.

Then they turn to the party-line passage of a debt ceiling increase (among many other things) by House Republicans. They agree that this bill isn’t going anywhere, and that President Biden will eventually negotiate with Republicans, even if he doesn’t quite admit that that’s what he’s doing. Mike argues that this could potentially hurt Biden’s reelection chances, but Jay feels that debt ceiling fights typically end up making Republicans look worse.

They close by discussing Disney’s lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other top state officials. It seems almost unquestionable that this is a case of government retaliation, but whether that’s a violation of Disney’s 1st Amendment rights is less clear. Disney might have a better argument when it comes to the Contracts Clause, but even there it’s far from clear that Disney will prevail in court. Politically, Jay argues that DeSantis miscalculated in his battle with Disney and now finds himself stuck.

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