Dobbs Leak, Debt Ceiling, Ukraine Aid, Biden Documents, House Committees

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Mike & Ken open with a discussion of the investigation into who leaked the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in the Dobbs case. While no leaker was found, Ken thinks the most likely suspect is Virginia Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Next, they turn to the debt ceiling, with Mike arguing that, as always, it will be worked out before the United States defaults on its external debt. Ken doesn’t think so, and predicts a short period of default before hardline House Republicans blink in the face of serious economic consequences.

Following that is a look at the tanks that aren’t going to Ukraine (yet), Mike’s argument that the US should be doing a lot more to aid Ukraine’s war effort (and Ken’s skepticism), the less than pitch perfect White House response to the Biden classified documents investigation, and what the makeup of committees may tell us about how things will go in the 118th Congress.

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