Durham Report, Title 42, GOP Presidential Field, SCOTUS Tech Decisions

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Mike is joined this week by a new co-host, May Mailman, a Harvard Law graduate and former Trump White House staffer. Mike and May start off with a discussion of the Durham report and accountability in federal law enforcement. May argues that a core problem is federal law enforcement that does too much. Mike isn’t entirely sold on that, but he agrees with her that there should be greater accountability and more severe consequences for anyone in law enforcement who breaks the rules in an attempt to hurt an ideological opponent.

Next, they discuss the end of Title 42 and the border surge that hasn’t happened – at least not yet. May agrees with Mike that Title 42 isn’t good immigration policy and makes a case for big changes to asylum status. She also points out that it may be too soon to know how well the Biden administration has done at preventing a surge, and says that in any case, current ‘non-surge’ numbers are concerningly high.

After that, they turn to Mike Pence’s expected entry into the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Mike can’t quite figure out why Pence would enter the race unless it’s some Kamikaze attempt to keep Trump out of the White House. May suggests that a sort of overconfidence common to many politicians may be a factor, but agrees with Mike that there seems to be no viable path to the nomination for Pence. Even so, she’s glad he plans to enter the race, as she believes it will help test the eventual nominee before the general election.

They close with a look at two related tech decisions announced by the Supreme Court concerning the liability of social media companies for terrorist attacks.

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