DeSantis, Twitter Spaces, Tim Scott, No Debt Ceiling Increase, Sackett v EPA, Ukraine

Trey is joined by Mike this week. The show begins with a discussion of Ron DeSantis’ presidential announcement on Twitter Spaces. The discussion focuses both on the content of the announcement, DeSantis running against legacy media, and the the technical aspect of the announcement itself on Twitter.

Next the pair discuss Tim Scott’s presidential announcement earlier in the week contrasting it with DeSantis. They also stack up all the candidates against Trump. Mike argues that Scott is angling for a vice-presidential slot and Trey is unconvinced.

After that, they turn to the lack of a debt ceiling increase before Memorial Day. Both think a deal will get struck, but Trey thinks more Americans also want spending cuts than Democrats realize.

Next, the duo discuss the Supreme Court case on the Clean Water Act in Sackett v EPA. What does this mean more immediately, but also the pair consider the ideological splitting of the conservative majority along with what it means to be conservative in the post-Trump era.

They close the show with a brief update on Ukraine.

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